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Message from Managing Director

   We have set up 4 Tigers Labour Supply Co., Ltd. in order to provide the opportunities for those who are looking for a job or seek to change new career, particularly to gain new experiences from abroad with higher income. This vision is also the contribution to alleviate the poverty of the people as well as participate in the economic development of Cambodia. 

   We have seen the problem that some people, who work locally, earn a decent income. However, they have a plenty of expenses, which is why it is challenge for them to have any disposable incomes. Had they have spent a few to several years abroad, they definitely save more because they would not be invited and pay to join for the festivals, parties, weddings or other events. 

   Therefore, most of them have made the decision to migrate abroad, enabling them to think more carefully prior to spending, commit for the saving as well as have proper financial planning.  

   As I mentioned above, carry out this mission is jointly reduce the poverty with the Royal Government of Cambodia, hence, people who have an income, can also remit to support their family members. 

   Last but not least, we have entered into Japan market, a high-paid ones, and we will continue to expand. Simultaneously , we are also carrying on our vision by exploring to the other countries in Europe, so our people could have great jobs with better salaries and earn good experiences.

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